Dickens Sanomi Foundation Rescues 12,300 Flood Victims

Dickens Sanomi Foundation Rescues 12,300 Flood Victims

25 October 2012
Dickens Sanomi Foundation Rescues 12,300 Flood Victims

The Dickens Sanomi Foundation has announced a comprehensive relief package to support the victims of flooding in the Delta and Bayelsa states of the Nigeria.

It is estimated that more than 2 million people have now been displaced from their homes by the flooding of the River Niger, making these the worst floods in decades.  In response to the unfolding events, the Dickens Sanomi Foundation has mobilised its resources to provide rescue equipment, temporary housing and essential supplies.

Four 500 seater motorboats and five 18 seater speed boats have been used by DSF personnel to evacuate more than 12,300 from the affected areas.  Additionally, the DSF has set up a total of eight camps, all with functional sanitation and water supplies, to house the displaced people.  The Foundation also has also provided a wide range of emergency supplies, including generator sets, food, medicines, clothes, beddings, toiletries and other relief materials.  These supplies have been distributed via both government and DSF camps.

The leader of the Foundation’s Bayelsa team, Mr Micheal Onyenadjo said:

‘After five days of intensive rescue operations, the foundation is pleased to inform you that it has successfully evacuated a total of 12,300 displaced children and adults, as recorded by our team, from eight kingdoms and 42 communities, while five camps have been set up. We are also providing support services in four government camps, including Okwagbe, Usiephrun, Orere, Arhavwrien, Ewhu, and Ughelli, where victims from Patani and many Ijaw communities are being kept.’

At Ewhu, the Camp Commandant in Ughelli South, Bishop Jonathan Arhavwrien, commended the Dickens Sanomi Foundation, saying that the level of assistance it had provided exceeded that of the local, state and federal governments.