Dickens Sanomi Academy Host 'Working with Autism' Training Workshop

28 January 2015
Dickens Sanomi Academy Host 'Working with Autism' Training Workshop

The Dickens Sanomi Academy in collaboration with the charity ‘Connected by Someone Special’ held a ‘Working with Autism’ three-day autism training workshop in Abuja.

The main objective was to create awareness of the Applied Behavior Analysis; educating professionals and parents about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to equip them with effective and individualized strategies to deal with the affected children and help them in their learning and development process. This is a successful method of working with autistic children, not currently practiced in Nigeria. 

The speakers/trainers, who all came from the USA and all have a strong background of dealing with autistic children took part in ‘Working with Autism’, were Ms. Sabrina Omega – a medical board certified Behavioural Analyst; Mr. Harlins Michell; Dr. Patricia Akpobome – a paediatrician who deals with a variety of conditions including from autism and ADHD.

During the course of the workshop, which ran from 20th to 22nd January, they explained that the Applied Behavior Analysis method is proven to yield results in facilitating affected children, as witnessed by Mrs. Akagbose, owner of Dickens Sanomi Academy and a parent of an autistic child whose life improved as a result of the application of this method.  This personal experience inspired her desire to create greater awareness, bringing knowledge to a greater number of professionals and parents who deal every day with autistic children.

Participants learnt about various topics related to autism and Applied Behaviors Analysis and had the opportunity to practice implementation while receiving expert feedback. Each session was successful and productive, with an increase in the number of attendees throughout the initiative and a positive interaction with the speakers.

The participants showed their satisfaction for the opportunity they had. They expressed concerns about how autistic children are currently handled in Nigeria, and hoped for the widespread implementation of proven and more efficient methods throughout the country.

New training workshops on autism will be organized by Dickens Sanomi Foundation and Dickens Sanomi Academy in the future.

The Team and Mrs. Graham Douglas at the Dickens Sanomi Headquarters

More images of the first ‘Working with Autism’ workshop are available in the gallery.